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Solutions for all your Manufacturing Needs

Efficient Manufacturing Solutions Tailored to Your Needs. State-of-the-Art Facilities and Advanced Equipment for Accurate Prototyping. Collaborative Design Refinement to Meet Your Specifications. Bringing Your Ideas to Life with Precision and Quality.

Product Design and Development

Product managers work with each customer to identify initial requirements. Polymer Technologists are involved in designing prototypes and identifying the most efficient methods of production. Save on costly tool modifications and missed deadlines.


Tool Design and Development

Designs include the latest CAD software for faster, more accurate construction.

Our simulations can help quantify critical specifications such as gating, shear heating, melt flow patterns, gas traps, unusual shrinkage, weld lines, cooling profile, pressure profiles, cycle time and other useful parameters.

With a state-of-the-art unit, our in-house mould manufacturing expertise can decrease development to delivery times significantly.  


With state-of-the-art machines, we can extrude plastic & rubber products in virtually any shape, size, material, or colour.

All extrusion dies are made in-house by our designers which ensures conformity to every specification and quick future alterations.

We also provide a robust array of post-production processes including splicing parts together, ultrasonic welding, pre-forming, etc.

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Our State-Of-The-Art moulding machines and presses range in size from 40 tons to 3,000 tons of clamp force, allowing us to handle all kinds of parts, big or small, in virtually any Engineering Plastics.

By having expertise in different moulding techniques, we are able to serve customers across a variety of industries.

We also offer value-added services such as converting existing metal parts to plastic, custom engraving, chrome plating, etc.

Chrome Plating

In-House chrome plating, sub-assemblies are a big component of the value added services we provide to our customers.

Our capabilities in this domain include: Ultrasonic Welding, Metal to Rubber Bonding, Metal Inserts, PCB assembly, Bottling & more.

The capacity of our chrome plating plant is 1,22,00,000 Sq. Inch of surface area Per Month in a variety of finishes to satisfy every industry’s needs.

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Assembly & Postproduction

Value-added services such as printing, packaging, and kitting. Our team can also assemble and test complex products to ensure they meet our customers' exact specifications.


We understand the importance of timely delivery and offer flexible shipping options to meet our customers' needs.

All our units are located strategically, either in close proximity to our customers, or near shipping, and port to ensure on-time deliveries and shorter lead times.


Let's work Together!

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